Allure Medical

How Allure transformed their supply chain management, saving time and reducing cost

Discover how Allure utilized the Crysler Club’s strategic solutions to revolutionize their supply chain, freeing up over 1,100 labor hours and slashing material costs by more than $65,000.
Annual savings of direct and indirect labor hours
Annual savings of indirect material spend
Return on investment

the company

Allure is a privately held medical practice specializing in vein treatments. Their growth had propelled them to 26 locations across the US with multiple new offices being opened per year.

the challenge

Multiple locations across the country created a supply chain problem that was slowing down the planned growth.  Utilizing floor space within each office to warehouse supply items was very costly and didn’t allow visibility throughout the company leading to increased costs and reduced margins.

the solution

We designed and implemented a solution that included connecting each office through an online portal, integrating their current supply chain partners, introducing new supply chain partners, warehousing, fulfillment, and product cost detail reporting that integrates into their accounting system.

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