the find

Service-based, repair & remodel startup needed to calculate hourly rate costs for their repair technicians. The founder needed to determine if the currently accepted market rate provided enough profit margin to sustain their business model.

“When Dave asked me about my pricing, I told him I was all set.  He offered a tool they created to check my numbers if I was interested.  My interest was piqued when two thoughts hit me: Was I not charging as much as I could? Was I really charging enough to grow the company?  So, I agreed to take a look at it.”

the solve

We deployed and implemented our Hourly Rates tool. The owner was able to evaluate several different scenarios by adjusting the inputs available. Ultimately, the founder was able to prove their business model was profitable and sustainable.

“A few things became evident. It is simple to understand. I was able to fit it to my tiny start-up. It can easily work for a large company. It is thorough. Much better than the pencil scratched note sheet I had made. It allowed me to easily make changes showing me the effect of incremental changes.

I now have confidence in my pricing. I now have a tool to help me grow without guessing. The Crysler Club helped me go from expecting to start and organize my company over a couple of months to being in business in three weeks.”

The results

10% increase in profitability
additional results will be posted after checkup
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