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bss #002: Systems solve all problems

This week’s tip: Business systems are the key that unlock everything in your organization

To successfully grow a sustainable business, you need to have the right systems in place.

For many people, when they hear business systems, they immediately think technology.

While technology may be a part of a particular system, it should always come last.

Before I get to why technology comes last, I want to fill you in on how I break down Business Systems.

There is a very particular order that should never be rearranged: Planning, People, Process, and Technology.

The best way to understand how each of the 4 key pillars work together is to define how business systems are created.

Business systems are created through Planning and People but are made up of a series of Processes that may or may not include Technology.

Knowing all of that should help you understand why technology comes last.

But to take it just a bit further, technology was created to automate individual tasks and later entire processes.

I like to define technology within business as the tool that automates the execution of tasks and process to reduce errors, increase efficiency and utilization, and improve communication.

Again, taking that one step further, technology is great but you can’t possibly implement it effectively without creating a system using planning and people to create the processes executed by said technology.

For these reasons, you’ll find an average failure rate of technology implementations in the 75% range.

That should be a sobering statistic for any business leader.

So what’s the answer if it’s not technology when it comes to unlocking the potential within your organization?

Business Systems – but how I define them.

There are 6 Key Business Systems you need to implement in order to drive growth and operate with excellence.

You can find those here:

As highlighted in the video, within each of those key systems, there are several sub-systems.

Each of those sub-systems can then be broken down into Planning, People, Process, and Technology.

Action Step: If you already have one or several of these systems in place, start by digging into the planning and people aspect to better understand how you can implement process improvement initiatives on the processes within that system and then finally, evaluating the current technology or investigate new technology to automate the execution of the newly revised tasks and processes.

That’s all for today.

See you all again next week.

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